Great Blue Heron (musical collaboration)

Starblind Night (with Halloween soundscape)

Bad Germ (musical collaboration)

Fold and Press (musical collaboration)

Every Last (musical collaboration)

Such Visions (musical collaboration)

Bombed-out Lovers (taken as lyrics for song by Sea Stories)

Eightfold Blues (musical collaboration)

Totem Dada (musical collaboration)

Pablo and the Provenance of Sadness (musical collaboration)

Wavelengths (musical collaboration on the EP “Wavelengths”)

Sands (musical collaboration on the EP “The Calvino Project”)

Next Year Never May Be (with music video)

Nine Neurons Short of Nirvana (musical collaboration on the EP “Dutiful Heroes”)

Hush of No People (musical collaboration on the EP “Dutiful Heroes”, and a music video!)

April Sixteenth (Featured by Commonthought Zine, and a musical collaboration on the EP “Dutiful Heroes”)

Germinus/Terminus (with music video)

New York (Featured by Newtown Literary – get it on Kindle here!)

Complicity (Featured by Newtown Literary – get it on Kindle here!)

Not Quite Night (Featured by Commonthought Zine)

Nebulize (Featured by Commonthought Zine)

Maum Machine

Club NoStyle (Featured by 3:AM Magazine)

Tune-out Tokyo (Featured by 3:AM Magazine)

Avocado (Featured by 3:AM Magazine)

Okutama (Featured by 3:AM Magazine)