Bad Germ

Maybe if we just

Keep our heads down

Work hard

Go above and beyond 

We can see friends again one day

Mom and dad will be okay

We can survive this retrograde.


It became pale and grayish with feculent fluid. In growth it birthed dying, the pus-crust dark cursedness of an unchecked corpulence.

Maybe if we just

Recycle those cans,

Reduce, reuse, pull that belt tight 

Clip our toenails by candlelight

The waters won’t rise

The air won’t burn

We won’t reach the point of no return.

It burrowed thusly, the gristle-grind nibble so deeply internal, so ancient and spooling in lurk and in lesion – palpitating, palpitating, palpitating.

Maybe if we just 

Hunker down

Wait it out 

Pray it away – 

The orange man, the unmarked vans,

The raging riots,the riotous virus –

Pray away this whole damn year and all our fears and maybe 

Maybe somebody will do something. 

Somebody will do something. 

Somebody will do something.

Emerging finally from the teat, it shined with damp and fully flexed its terrible ease.

This poem became a musical track. Listen on Bandcamp here!

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