Tongues Are Speaking


Tongues are speaking.

Prosperity, Health. Wealth. Success. Financial blessing and physical well-being, bestowed as per the covenant!

Beloved, believe in personal empowerment! Break the curse with faith and positivity. Cast out poverty like the devil in rags that it is!

And for the apple of thine eye, acres of diamonds will shine.

Success in life, beloved! I’m talking about upward mobility!

Hone your faith like a muscle. Leave the weakness of sin and poverty. Leave failure to the poor and – through discipline and sacrifice – come to moral and physical beauty.

It’s just the mind-power teachings, folks! So take hold of your godly spiritual power now! And did I mention the acres of diamonds?


Tongues are speaking…

Ask and receive sevenfold. The pact is real and it is holy. Seed your faith to unlock the secrets of scriptural and financial success.

Oil those miracles like spiritual vehicles. Yes, you can get to heaven in a golf cart! Yes, you can cross the river Jordan on a jet ski! Yes, you can see salvation in the shine of a brand spanking new Ford F-150!

One dollar becomes twenty becomes one hundred. Reach for the infinite, folks!

Speak success into being. Call god into service. Your service.

My Nigerian friends, my American friends, my Phillipino friends, hear me.

My Korean friends, my Colombian friends, my Slovenian friends. Seek god. Seek prosperity.

Break the curse with just your first dollar. Take power over creation with righteous action and make it rain from heights divine.

Speak your desires. Outcompete and outprosper the nonbelievers. There will be no more suffering, only abundance!

Hold those tithes above your heads now and pray with me, brethren. That there may be meat in mine house. That there may be meat.

Beloved, live without limits. Cast aside demons and receive your personal divine financial intervention!

Let like energy attract like energy. All the world’s mammon is yours. Name it and claim it, folks. It’s your future, friends. Only name it and claim it. It’s yours. Name it and claim it and be the prince of your own prosperity!

Shhhh. Tongues are speaking.

Musicians MMA & Blair Dean used this piece of writing as lyrics and inspiration for a song of the same name. Listen to it on Bandcamp here!

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