Hush of No People

Just thinking…

Of some moments some spirits some things and some hunger,

The hush of no people, the rush of some future.


It all slides past in the dark.


Just thinking…

The cramps and drips of bodies and beds,

Some sleep come now I’m begging my head.


A bleat for less substance.


Just thinking…

Of bits and pieces some purpose some somewhere,

Of her and of her and of her and of her there.


But not here, for sure.


So enormous, maybe, the distance to cover,

So knackered and thinking of fathers and mothers,

Some tunnel turns to me I cascade toward it

I silently slope it and ride it and brink it, then…


Just thinking again

Just building my visions

Just thinking again

And melting to millions,


Just thinking tonight

And building my visions

Just thinking tonight

And melting to millions.

The music version of Hush of No People is the second track of the EP Dutiful Heroes. Download it here!

lost in a state


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