Time roars like an engine. Zeros make mountains. Make love make mistakes make crazy. We’re monsters in our heads, though some people don’t see us that way.

Plans are illusions. ‘Why not me’ is the final decree. Swap beans catch poisons catch hell. Nobody’s perfect, but somehow, some people find grace together.

We lie in our mouths. We sink in red ink. We are oddballs and kinksters and finks. We bind ourselves so nearly complete, yet some people still can set us free.

We move in our honeycombs. We rest in our catacombs. We ride high on our wavelengths on 1 a.m. Wednesdays. Nobody is ugly and somehow, this some people perceive.

Life can be merciless. We do what we can. But hurt is a blade we all swing so wildly. The closest to us are cut the most. Yet somehow, for some reason, they love us anyway.

Wavelengths is the inspiration for an EP. Listen on SoundCloud here!

wavelength 4.25

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