Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Oakland. Occupy yourself.

Occupy Tahrir Square. Occupy Tiananmen Square. Occupy the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Occupy big banks. Occupy corporate personhood. Occupy vampire squids.

Consider real human beings. Consider your own community. Are we a nation or simply a group of people who happen to live in the same place? Consider liberating your headphones and talking to the person next to you.

Occupy insurance companies. Occupy big tobacco. Occupy Twinkies and Coca Cola. Occupy your waistline. Consider a bicycle. Consider your own two feet.

Mic check. Mic check! “Govern yourself, manage your household, lead the world.”

Occupy politicians. Occupy lobbyists. Consider a system in which we can even tell them apart, or one without them. Occupy Republicans. Occupy Democrats. Consider a system in which we can even tell them apart, or one without them.

Occupy big oil. Occupy plastic bags. Occupy nuclear energy. Consider visiting the Hiroshima memorial museum. Occupy cynicism. Occupy racism and homophobia. Occupy the past. Consider that it was never as great as the future could be.

Occupy the War on Terror. Occupy soldiers with machine guns in Penn Station. Occupy untold years of subway bag checks. Occupy military-grade pepper spray. Consider trusting and talking. Consider not tasering.

Occupy your credit card. Occupy Walmart. Occupy Bergdorf Goodman department store. Consider helping the homeless woman sleeping in its entrance.

Mic check. Mic check! “Everything is okay. Please continue shopping.”

Occupy American oligarchy. Occupy the notion that a healthy stock market equals a healthy country. Occupy zero-sum games. Occupy consumerism. Occupy corporate shills, sell-outs, suckers and stooges.

Occupy the old and stale. Occupy bullies all kinds. Occupy those you can’t imagine ever being children. Occupy generations that have had their chance. Liberate youth.

“Hey, Bloomberg! Beware! Zuccotti Park is everywhere!”

Occupy the War on Drugs. Occupy the prison industrial complex. Consider smoking a joint with a prison guard – you know they do anyway.

Occupy superstition. Occupy oxymoron and Christian warriors. Occupy fear mongering. Occupy Fox News. Consider personal travel as an alternative means of learning about the outside world. Consider not using your tax money to kill the people you meet over there.

“We are the peo-ple! Mighty, mighty people! We are the peo-ple! Mighty, mighty people!”

Occupy DC. Occupy the Brooklyn Bridge. Occupy Moscow. Occupy Paducah, Kentucky. Occupy Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Occupy corruption everywhere. Occupy corpulence everywhere. Occupy hate and greed everywhere. Occupy yourself every single day, all day, all week. Occupy Wall Street.


Featured here by The Occupy Poetry Project!

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