Doom Scroll

Doom scroll for the

death toll

Scroll finger, swipe finger, 

finger flipper

Prototype stub of a 

nuclear sub

Fire finger in the 

hole finger

Night terror, tentacle and 

twin finger

Dead finger and whited 

mold finger

Finger licker and dirty 

keyboard clicker

Feather finger silver-winged

troll finger

Quickly folded fingers over 

gold ringer

Trigger happy, mad hatter

phisher finger

Cold-fingered, coal-hearted 

solo swinger

Tap furtively on the 

phone finger 


pinky finger rubbish

Finger pointer autocrat, paper tiger 

ginger snap

Blue and yellow make 

V fingers and


       shadow show

               rabbit fingers


This poem became lyrics for a musical collaboration with Signal Box, featuring Pia. Listen to it here!

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