This may surprise some people, but I’m a country music fan. Maybe that came from living in Texas for seven years. Well, last winter I was going through a rough interpersonal time, and out of that came my first country song. I wrote the lyrics and then recorded the whole thing in my crap voice. […]


    Thoughts of shadowy geopolitics, troll farms and unnecessary war gave rise to a poem. That poem then became the lyrics to this dark song — featuring guitar by Signal Box and Pia’s voice, which brings the piece a special kind of desperate, nihilistic beauty. You can listen to the song here. To read the original […]


    Yes, I release a lot of unconventional work. But this one might just take the cake. The first track of Great Blue Heron incorporates a live performance by Nathan Anspaugh, featuring my words. Musician Sheonator Pseak is on the hurdy gurdy. The second track is a remix, taken in a different and wintery direction by […]


    Some of my work will be part of a one-day exhibition called “Portraits”, in Tokyo. Held at Longfellow Salon in Chuo-ku, the mixed-media exhibit will include music, painting, poetry and wet plate photography. I am also super excited that the show includes some of my brother Ben Peipert’s fantastic photomontage work. If you are in […]


    Happy holidays from The Mistleturds! It was so much fun to work with (immediate) family and friends on this song. It’s sort of an homage to a certain kind of punk from an earlier era – loud, fast, silly and shitty. Please listen, download and share here! Ten percent of sales go to the Harmony Project, which provides music […]