Appropriate to the times we are living in, I have released a new track called “Bad Germ” It’s a poem told in two voices, complemented by the fantastic music of talented musicians Signal Box (aka Robin Anthony Coe) and MMA (aka Martin Cantwell). Special thanks to both of them for being part of this project,…


    Here’s something very peculiar for these very peculiar times. A steam iron, a cello and samples of my poem all contribute to a piece by musician and neighbor Juniana as part of the Extradition Series’ Social Distancing Project. Listen on SoundCloud here. Cello: Collin Oldham Steam iron and mixing: Juniana More on the Extradition Series’…


    So here is my first-ever comic, Great Fly, created alongside super-talented artist Jim Johnson. It’s sort of a tripped-out sci-fi fable, and I hope you enjoy! For more by Jim, visit jimwilkersonart.com. Special thanks to the zine Dead Sheep, which ran “Great Fly” in words-only form back in the day and first gave it life!


    I’d like to announce the release of the track “Every Last”! My poem and lyrics  combine with the music of super-talented Mark R. Heath, with singer Pia providing the vocals. Fair warning: this is not a pop song! Listen on SoundCloud here or on YouTube here! I hope you like it. If you do, please share!…


    I’m really happy to announce the release of the track Such Visions, a collaboration with Portland-based and super-talented musician Mischievous Giants. It’s a darker piece, perhaps not meant for the highly religious. Or maybe it is. Either way, listen on SoundCloud here. If you like it, please do comment and share!