Eyes rolling at night, blinking at the stars. Goo goo.

Rationalize to survive, eat to move, love to keep evil at bay.

Percolating, flying at the enemy, warring with whisper, velvet and rhyme.

Everything at our fingertips. Feeling the storm within. Rain falling. Heart beating. Synchronizing. Beating ourselves up. Loving ourselves. Giving. Killing the core. Filling up anew with something delicious.

Thank you.

Fathers. Mothers. Continuity. The flowing of liquid. The replication of matter. Resilience like the raisins in a muffin. Growing fat. Waning. Rising. Shutting down. Whirling. Cutting. Exploding and forever merging. Learning the code. Figuring it out. Translating the bounce of things too small to be seen. It’s in my head, in my brain. Part of me, Creature. Part of us.

See, I’ll love you to extremity. I’ll love you to the plunge, to the end-all. I’ll love you though the blackness, despite the nothingness, without even existence.

You are my darling. My drug. My rug. I lie on you to you and about you. My Creature.

Ha Ha.

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