Who Are You?

Who are you, Creature?


Are you the face at the bottom of the cup?

If so, “Sluuurp!”


Are you the light fixture on top of my head?

If so, “Ouch!”


Are you the robot in the raincoat?

If so, “Don’t get wet!”


Creature, your facial expression tells me nothing at all.


Are you the hotshot cowboy with sloping shoulders?

If so, “Dang!”


Are you the runt crowded out from the teat?

If so, “Me, too!”


Are you the half-shaven man from the television commercial?

If so, “Looks good!” and “Scraaatch!”


Please don’t resist my attempts to identify you, Creature.


Are you the fire-crotched woman who tasted my mouth?

The marsupial baby who lives in my pouch?




Are you the bumping-head bangdrum on Saturday morn?

The hunk of mass-matter from which I was torn?


Please tell me, Creature.


Are you the bucket of eels behind my eyes?

My lovelorn shadow who cries when I die?

Are you a friend? A foe? Or are you a spy?


Do I know you, Creature?

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