I’ve got soup, the soup of selflessness.

I’ve got grapes, grapes like clustered noggins.

I’ve got nuts, nuts like a final clearance sale.


Allow me to present you with shapes, Creature. Allow me to present you with slugs.


Don’t be afraid. Don’t tremble. Soak in my arms. You deserve it.

It’s going to be all right, Turtle. May I call you “Turtle”?


If you don’t mind, Creature, please don’t question my logic. I know how to fold it up and hide it away. It won’t disturb us.


Can I tell you some things?

You are precious. And you are cool.

Your Roman nose – I adore it.

Your postured fingers – please make a rabbit show.

Your eyes – Neptune and Uranus.


You amble the inside of my stomach, Creature.

I want you to know that you tangle me.

You garble me.

You shimmy me back and forth.


Spit me out, Creature. Can I live in your bowl?

Shit me out, Creature. Can you gaze upon me?

Can you feed me? Your love will fill my heart with joy.


You are more beautiful than Eden, Creature, and

I’d like to blow you up.

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