The Fun Never Stops


Oh Yeah, Baby! Oh Baby, Baby! Oh Creature, Baby!

You’re a demented goose, Creature.

You quack on the edge of normalcy.

You make the lemonade oh so sexy like.

You undulate with the slow, churring machine.

There was a thought there but it went away.

There was a thought there but it’s okay.

We’re all the same – distracted space people just barely blessed by your imbalance.


In my naps I see nothing. My dreams are blind as a thumb, small as a watch battery. Your footprints appear in the snow – a fool’s path of pure faith, melting and fooling.

But when we slap phooeys, my friend – then it’s like…ma ma ma…MAMS, man! You know? Utter mammon! Udder madness! Then I understand your necessity. Then I get it. Then I wet it with my tongue.

It’s like rock paper scissors then:

A snaggle-toothed porpoise. A yeti. A lashmite. Or how about a joke? Okay. Here’s one. Oh baby! Here goes:

Jesus, Mustafa and Methuselah walk into a bar and…ah…damnit…I forgot the punchline but it has something to do with a dick and a bendy-straw. Yeah. A dick and a bendy-straw. {belch}

A joke, Creature. A monkey-face. A chicken nugget. I’ll laugh at anything right now.


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