In the beginning, there was this:

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If what you pictured was an egg, the egg was unstable. It cracked, and then it was time to blow off some steam. Energy was flinging everywhere. It was some heavy shit, man.

After the steam was blown, a marble planet cooled, and some woods grew on it. Small protuberances of consciousness began to poke up. Eventually, about a billion years ago, they sorted themselves into plants, animals and fungi. There were people and pigeons and slimemolds and mantises and mushrooms and aphids and elms and bigfoots and water lilies. They could all talk to each other if only they believed they knew how. There was a leggy hum now in place of just absorbent silence. There were finally minds that sometimes even reflected upon the fact that there was a universe. And when two or more minds loved one another, it created a crazy feedback loop that powered consciousness itself.

Somewhere in a forest, there was a town. Grimy and beautiful, nobody in it had definitive names or identities. There were a ton of ten-story trees. Long-legged spiders spun thick strands and seemingly dropped from the sky, mostly just having fun. Long-necked, partially submerged things with no brains squirted their juices over at the seashore nearby. Seashore. What a blast from the past! But more on that later.

Anyway, the houses were all painted black, and people liked to sit in a circle and say things to each other that deviated slightly from the formula. This made the other people in the circle laugh. The goal was to get blackout drunk in time for the deer skinning in the living room later on in the night. There were also bonfires, aluba parties and chinchillas running wild all over the place, and one hiding under the ottoman (which was a type of furniture). Somebody wrote a period piece about this era once, and it was made into a play and then a short film. But you can’t even watch it on YouTube anymore.

At night, after the deer-skinning, the people used to sleep and get to dreaming that they didn’t want to grow up. The stars above them were big and bright, with silly, made-up constellations like “Orion’s Belt”, and “Banana Nana Nunu”.

One day, there was a major subduction event that was very exciting. The earth cracked big-time and everything got all wet and the only consciousness that remained could live underwater. It was wet and supple and lived in the wavering shadows of the sea. It had beautiful eyes like a baby cow and liked to swim around in the ruins of the old shopping mall, which was underwater, of course.

So, a lot can happen in billions and billions of years. Quantum fluctuation and energy waves and rocks and quartz and molecules and organisms and hive mind and googling and great big waves of water. But now time seems kind of over, or at a standstill, what with no working watches and planned obsolescence and such. We’ll see what happens.

The End




Subduction became a musical collaboration with Downrange Telemetrics! Listen to it on Bandcamp here or YouTube here!

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