Creature, I must tell you these things:

Civilization is stacks of people. Morality is unforced. Technology makes coming into an ultra-soft tissue possible. Water gives life. Water looks cool shooting out of a showerhead. Television is always on. Genius forsakes routine. Picture frames house seeds of fawned-over falsehood. An alleyway fight launches two vastly different futures. Hamburger gets ground. The trucks collide. Cues are taken. Notes are burned. Gas is ignited. Scent is sweet and dangerous. Cues are missed. Best friends become ghosts. “Why not” is the answer.

We are claimstakers of futures uncertain. We are common sense cronies. We are cuckoo ballslappers. We are myopic wanderers. The world is mottled brown-green. The sky is in the sea. The fish push the waves. The trees make the wind. The Belgian makes the beer. The beer makes the baby. Babies cry like animals. Cages are for those who crawl into them. The coward shouts from moving vehicles. The insults always pass. The heckler heckles. The air expands his trachea. The insults always pass.

Drip dry in my bedroom. The curtains move slowly. The walls hold large mammals. The man tells a joke. The people laugh later. Insight goes nowhere. Idiocy is supreme. Laughter is vitamin. Upchuck makes angels. Impurity is recommended. Buying is selling. Trading is good. Insomnia is overflow. Naked is natural. Shame is bright as a rose. Beauty is strength plus weakness and weakness is the penultimate discovery.

Thank you, Creature.

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