I’m not going to work today, Creature.

You may have noticed someone in my room earlier. You may have noticed what I said to her.

“Hey, you!” I said. “I opened your head. Now take a hike. Leave me alone.”

Do you remember?

I mean, we were funneling, Creature – channeling, passing it on, exploring with a finger. Gravity. Notions. Other mysterious forces.

We had everything, Creature. Serenity. Sobbing joy. Lobotomy. Hamster-wheel head.

There was everything. Spark. Anthill frenzy. Destruction. Rebirth. Keeping it still. Feeling nice.

So, I’m not going to work today. They’ll see me. I’ll talk to them. I’ll pretend to be interested. They’ll see right through me. I’ll say something crazy.

I prefer colors, Creature. You know…hues. Blues. Reds. Flowers. Wavy motions. Extreme violence. Heroism. Bearded damnation. Mindlessness.

Creature, I never should have said goodbye. I never should have dismissed her after drunken moonbeams. Drunken sucking. Yes.

I wrapped around her. That person. I figure-eighted her. I bit her soul. She was up for anything. That seemed great. {sigh}

Do you ever wonder about Realization, Creature?

Do you ever contemplate opulence? Griffins? Cheese?

About how dogs live for uncomfortable silence?

Or the trumpets of madness?

Ah, hell, Creature.

Never mind.


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