Are you alive, Creature?

It’s been so long, and things got intense,

But I miss you in triplicate –

My tiny bones atwitter for your tap.


There’s a war now, Creature,

With families on fire, liars,

Spattered flesh and minarets.

Many things are lost between the rivers –

Have you been, too?


Why don’t you visit, Creature?

My head’s a gristleship these days,

Skimming the meaty veld of memory

Just dredging for dollops of you.

And my bed’s a whale, Creature,

Swallowing me whole in the dark and

I miss your gazellic nuzzle nightly,

Leaning lonely against the blubber.


Please come back, Creature.

Please end now, War.


Creature, let me find you in a fossil –

A trilobite perhaps.

Let me fish you in my gar-trap

And gut you with joy.


Or let me go hunting,

And pin you down grunting

And drape you with bunting.

Because you are sublime, Creature,

Like carne asada burritos

From Roberto’s

And I missed you

The other day.

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